Say you love someone with their active lifestyle in mind!!!

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Have you ever needed a greeting card where, even though it says all the right things… well, it’s just not enough?!?! The fine folks over at ACTIV Greetings have just the solution for you! Introducing ACTIV Greetings – an innovative greeting card company that aims to create a connection between your loved one, friend or co-worker and their passion for their active lifestyle. With these active lifestyle greeting cards, you can’t go wrong. Whether your special someone loves yoga, fitness, hiking or snowboarding just to name a few, ACTIV Greetings caters to their lifestyle…. and the best part, these will be up on Kickstarter waiting for YOU to help make this project a reality!


Kickstarter donations range from $5 to $95 and up and include rewards ranging from a single greeting card to the uber cool reward of having your very own image of you on a limited edition greeting card. Being that these active lifestyle greeting cards are blank inside, allows you to use them to cover every occasion from love, birthday, sorry, friendship and thank you… and I don’t know about you guys, but greeting cards are pretty boring and all look the same year after year. These active lifestyle greeting cards relate to the passion your loved one has for their lifestyle. So what are you waiting for… head on over to right now to sign up and get your early bird special!




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