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Here is a little secret… You don’t have to live with a body that is tight and sore. You can be pain free and still engage in all of the activities you love! Happy hips combine go-to poses to stretch and open your hips, legs and low back.

Hips are at the center of everything our active bodies love to do. The key to keeping your body balanced is to stretch and perform movements in multiple directions. Think about your average day. We tend to sit and move in one plane of motion the majority of the time. Regardless of our fitness levels, our bodies need a chance to lengthen and stretch. I always recommend for every two days you workout you should blend in 1 session of yoga or purposeful stretching. Not a yoga expert? No worries. You do not have to practice yoga or be flexible to enjoy the benefits of these moves. Read on to keep those hips happy!


By: Lyndsey Chambers

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