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There isn’t anything sedentary about Jeff Brown. An athlete his entire life, he’s been involved in competitive hockey from the age of 6, up until college at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). Realizing in high school that the sport attracted the burly kids, he started weight training to pack on muscle and level the playing field.  In doing so, he discovered a love for bodybuilding. The pursuit of fitness continued after graduation, in Jeff’s early 20s, when a buddy dropped the unfamiliar word “crossfit.” The rest is history. Crossfit®, initially designed for functional fitness, morphed into Jeff’s uniquely styled vision, Crossfit Garden Grove. Cultivating his baby for the local community, he provides inspiration and a “small-box feel” for those entering his gym, and a directive to check egos on the way in. From soccer moms, seniors, military men and women, and public safety personnel, to long-time Crossfit members, the common denominator is the attraction of training in a friendly, supportive environment.  Whether a recently-retired beginner, or a younger battle-tested veteran, you can find a customized training program to complete at your own pace and intensity level. Located in an industrial area of Garden Grove, California, this Crossfit gym is the one you were meant to find. The moment you walk through the doors and meet the owner, notice the state-of-the-art equipment, and see the welcoming smiles, not only are you family, but you’ve taken the first steps toward better health and wellness.


Words: Staff

Photos: Blair Shoop



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