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Most underrated tool in fitness and health

Foam Rolling is a must in any complete Fitness Program. Why? Our bodies muscle tissues are controlled ultimately by the neural system. Prior to exercise and stretching this corrective flexibility method will prepare the bodies neural system for stretching and load. Here is how and why. By applying gentle force with roller to a “knot” or adhesion (soreness) you can break up the tissue that is in a bundled state causing adhesion which decreases movement. The fix. Gentle force which requires at least 30 seconds of pressure can reset the tissues by stimulating the Golgi tendon. This tendon connects to the muscle and controls its length and tension. This can take that bundled muscle tissue and align it releasing the tension or adhesion. For a joint to work in all ranges of motion the proper length and tension is needed. This is a simple and correct way to start every day. Not just every Workout! Learn the proper techniques of this type of corrective flexibility and really change your life! This can and will affect your posture almost immediately. I’ve had clients tell me that this tool has become their best friend. It has changed the way their bodies deal with soreness and flexibility. This can truly help you stay Active in OC.


Words: S. Grant caron OC NASM certified trainer

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