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Tucked away on 17th Street in the beautiful city of Costa Mesa, located right in between CVS and Vons, you’d not have an inkling that a private personal fitness gym is a part of this strip mall, but it’s true. Behind tinted windows is a gym that caters to locals in the community, locals who show up to work hard and get results.

It was meant to be when Ryan Lee and Sara Cho met while working at the same local gym a few years back. Little did they know, their fate was sealed, and they’d go on to become Co-Owners of Precision Fitness Costa Mesa. Together, Ryan and Sara discovered common ground in their frustration with their experiences at ordinary, run of the mill gyms. They craved a fitness experience that would emphasize maximum results, as well as exceptional nutrition. Since then, they’ve gone on to develop a top notch facility that caters to a clientele who have access to a well-rounded and successful personal training experience.

Ryan has a very personal investment in Precision Fitness as an individual who has accomplished the amazing feat of shedding nearly 200 excess pounds with absolutely no support. Of this experience, he says: “I was 280 pounds overweight and decided to kill myself trying to lose weight every day, 7 days a week, over a year and a half span.” Ryan came to the conclusion that no one should embark upon such a challenging journey alone. He made a commitment to do his best to prevent anyone from experiencing a weight loss journey such as his alone. Ryan and Sara have united to empower health seekers by sharing with them knowledge, training, and nutrition strategies vs. other commonly held approaches of simply combining low calorie diets with heavy cardio workouts. Ryan and Sara have successfully coached others toward a more all-encompassing, long term lifestyle approach to well-being and fabulous fitness.

The beauty of Precision Fitness is that, no matter what your workout or lifestyle preferences may be, there’s something for everyone, and you’ll find it here. Options run the gamut from traditional bodybuilding to rehabilitation, weight loss, and of course, the meaningfulness of good nutrition. Also, for the competitors among us, Precision Training does provide a service that prepares individuals to go for the gold. Sara is the in-house competition expert, having been a participant in National Physique Committee contests. These words ring true with just one glance at her ripped and toned body! Ryan has been an excellent trainer to Sara, and many others. They are a dynamic duo who complement one another as they collaborate to push their clients to ultimate form, the physique of their dreams.

Precision Fitness is not short on options. Private one-on-one sessions are their specialty, but group training sessions are also an option. These groups tend to be small in number, allowing the opportunity to give special attention without overwhelming anyone. Ryan describes: “Even with small groups, there’s no excessive hovering, but there is attention to detail with each one of our clients. With a small group of 6 people, everyone gets individual attention, and that’s what’s unique about our system: everybody has their own goals, and everybody gets results.”

Talk about developing a custom-made physique! Don’t forget, summer is just around the corner…!

Ryan and Sara have worked very hard to develop Precision Fitness into the facility and service it is today, and they are deeply appreciative of every single client who has entrusted their health, fitness, and well-being into the dream.

Clearly, if you’re looking for a great place to train, a place where you can get the physical results you desire, and enhance your approach to nutrition, quickly get on over to Precision Fitness. Your body will thank you for it!

For more information:
179 E 17th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Ph. 949.650.3399

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