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Getting laid off from his job may have been the best thing to ever happen to Eric Huerta. That was eight years ago. Now Huerta is the founder and owner of Battlehouse Fitness Equipment Development Center in Brea, one of OC’s leading fitness equipment companies.

After he lost his job Eric could have sat around collecting his unemployment check and play video games all day, but he wasn’t exactly the type to do that. A lifelong athlete who competed in virtually every sport offered in high school, from cross country to wrestling and basketball, Eric was passionate about staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Easier said than done, he quickly found out. Much of the fitness equipment he wanted to use was cheaply made, had to be ordered online sight-unseen and overpriced. So he did his homework, researching ways to make his own workout equipment. Armed with his own equipment, Eric would work out wherever he could: in a gym, a local park, the beach, even a parking lot. And he noticed a curious thing when he was working out.

“I was approached constantly, people were always asking me for the equipment I was training with,” he says, telling the curious it was one-of-a-kind pieces he made himself. “I would sell it because they would offer me double or triple what it cost me to make it. And they loved the quality of it. From that point on I constantly had to keep replacing it. Finally, his wife asked him why he kept selling his personal workout equipment to complete strangers.
“Well, people keep asking for it, so why not?” he’d answer. “So I saw there was a draw there and a really big market for quality products and someone who is accountable.”
So, working out of his garage at first, Eric launched Battlehouse, a name taken from two very different concepts, one, the fight he had to get his business off the ground and two, house and home, something near and dear to his heart. “Nothing is more sacred than your house, this is what you protect, this is what you are,” he says.

But Eric isn’t just content to sell equipment, he’s looking at a much bigger picture.

“I’m looking to change the industry. I’m looking to actually evolve it, to change the way people train,” he says. “I’m not looking to be a seller of product, I’m looking to be an innovator for ways to work out and redevelop the way you work out.”
Battlehouse does this by integrating various forms of workouts, making the equipment more interactive, versatile and multi-dimensional, bringing the term “cross-training” to a whole new level.

Using such things as channel and track systems, integrated pegboards
and integrated grip holes and mixing in heavy bags, ropes and rings, Battlehouse can not only make the equipment cross-functional, but
use much less space than a conventional gym.

“That’s where we’re from, that’s the mindset, to maximize usage. Not only in space, but in equipment,”
he says. “Making the most out of small amounts of space, that’s really our forte.”

The equipment, however, is only as good as the person standing behind it, Eric contends.

“The truth of the matter is, it’s not the equipment that people are buying, they’re buying you,” he says. “And if they’re buying you, that means they’re buying the fact that you’re 100% accountable and know what you’re talking about and people will read through the BS. If I’m moderately successful and people keep coming back to me because the quality is there and the innovation is there, then for me that’s a success.”


554 S. Brea Blvd.
Brea, Ca. 92821
Ph. 626.848.2793
inst: @battlehouse_fitness


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