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Byron Schumpert’s life really rocks; he’s been climbing the ladder of success since the early 90s in Northern California. Fortunate to learn from old-school climbers Scott Frye and Tom Richardson in those young wall-crawling days, he fell hard, and was hooked. In 1997, Byron left the Bay Area for Southern California, landing softly in Upland, to follow his dream of introducing the sport to a new community of enthusiasts. The beginning of the journey was the first Hangar 18, in Upland, years ago. Fast-forward to 2014, and the latest and greatest stop in Byron’s rock-building empire: a state-of-the-art European-style top-bouldering facility in San Clemente, California. With the best wall angles of any climbing gym on the West Coast, it boasts a seamless padding system and some of the most diverse and challenging climb terrain, for both beginners and advanced climbers, in the country. That, as well as endless fitness classes and an expansive yoga studio, will give anyone a leg up on the competition. For the first-timer looking for something new or the experienced hand taking it to the next level, come be a part of the fun at Hangar 18 in San Clemente. As any social climber knows, there are many ways to the top!




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