Riding To The Rhythm in Laguna

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Years ago, while waiting for an instructor at a spin class she’d planned to attend, it was with great dismay to realize the instructor was a no show. So this woman, Shelly, who today is the owner of Rhythm Ride in Laguna Beach, actually quickly volunteered to lead the class that day! It was at that moment that Shelly knew she had found her calling, or, as Shelly calls it: “the addiction to teaching”. After 17 years of working in several different spin studios prior to Rhythm Ride, Shelly’s mind was boggled as to why no one used music to go along with the riding. The slow beat rhythms to correspond with the slow climbs, and the fast powerful beats that go along with the more intense and fast-paced portions make a night and day difference to the workout, and on an intuitive level, Shelly deeply understood this. So with this in mind, Shelly started to develop programs that went along with the beat of the music. Simple, yet profound! Shelly also expertly noticed that facing towards the class had far less of a community feeling, so she boldly started jumping in right along next to the class. Shelly recalls: “This was much more powerful: riding with the class, as opposed to facing them.” So after getting fired from a few spin studios for riding along with the class while instructing, and learning the ropes instructing in a few local Laguna studios, Shelly decided to finally open her own studio. Located right off of PacifIC Coast Highway in beautiful Laguna Beach, this marvelous looking studio has the latest, state of the art equipment, an impressive sound system (of course!), and when we paid the attractive studio a visit, the studio was far from a ghost town. We are sure this is why Shelly states: “We pack the house, and people love riding to the beat!” Her choreographed moves are innovative, and she’s developed programs that build core strength, and are, as Shelly describes: “fun!” Very engaging. Today, Rhythm Ride is one of the most successful studios in existence. Shelly’s feet are firmly grounded with her own studio. She has initiated a certification program, and has plans for nationwide instructor certification. This business owner and entrepreneur has goals to make Rhytym Ride the best spin technique in the country. Come join in on the fun!

Words: Staff Photos: Blair Shoop

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