Crossfit Tustin

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Crossfit Tustin co-founders Tim Brooks and Joel Thompson didn’t go the usual or even expected route when they started their first CrossFit training gym in Orange County. In fact, you could say they started from the

“underground up”… literally.

Four years ago, Tim and Joel, who worked out together, jokingly talked about opening their own CrossFit gym. That idea languished in the back of their minds until Tim, who was a firefighter, bought some equipment and approached Joel with the idea of opening a gym.

Joel was in a dead-end job, broke and unsatisfied, so he jumped at the chance. “It wasn’t risky because I was broke anyway,” he says. “May as well be broke doing something I like.”

So they started with a little equipment and one client in, of all places, an underground “storage closet,” as Tim jokingly likes to call it.

“We started in an underground parking lot, rented like a storage facility, put our equipment down there, started slowly getting equipment as clients were coming in,” Tim says. “It was no frills.
We like to say it was The Fight Club of CrossFit facilities.”

New clients had to be practically led down into the underground structure, all the while probably thinking “What did I get myself into?”

But much like starting a new workout routine, you just don’t go for the heaviest weights and the most strenuous workouts from the get-go, you build your strength and stamina gradually. Before long the two had a much larger space, better equipment and more clients.

“We saw that people were looking for CrossFit, so we knew that as long as we can be good at what we do, the natural growth will happen,” says Joel, a four-year soccer player at Biola University with a degree in theology. “We were always confident in what we did and the way we cared for people, but at same time we were taking a huge risk, with everything you had, your time, your resources. Nothing was guaranteed, but we knew we were doing good work.”

And that risk and leap of faith paid
off with CrossFit Tustin, which was recently voted one of the top CrossFit gyms in Orange County.

The full-service Tustin facility offers a number of unique programs, including the Redline program that combines intense cardio mixed with basic resistance training (“CrossFit without the heavy barbell lifts”); Crossfit Young Guns for youthful athletes; CrossFit Elements introductory program; Catalyst Endurance training; Olympic Lifting; and CrossFit Competitor Program for elite athletes.

“We’ll continue to improve here, continue to develop our elite athletes, while maintaining and developing our daily athletes,” says Tim. “We have an established membership base, they
come here for community rather than
just CrossFit. We don’t need to jump on board the next thing just to keep our members here.”

Despite starting from such a “low” place, Tim and Joel have lofty plans for
CrossFit Tustin.

“We want to have the best, the safest, the most comprehensive CrossFit facility in Orange County,” says Tim.

2682 Walnut Ave.
Tustin, CA 92780
Phone:(714) 497-0660
ig: @crossfittustin



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