A Woman’s Ideal Workout

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The fastest, most effective, as well as safest way to make a positive change to a woman’s body is how Monica Pommier, Owner of four Pure Barre locations in Orange County, describes what makes Pure Barre “a woman’s ideal workout.” Monica started taking Pure Barre classes in order to stay fit and loved the concept so much that combined with her degree in Exercise Physiology and vast experience in the medical profession, she decided to open up her own studio in early 2009. According to Monica, this was to be the first barre studio of its kind in all of Orange County. Monica is a young businesswoman who introduces movements in an isometric way, a way that uses small movements designed to follow along with great music, an experience that leads to a workout that is extremely time efficient! The purpose of the barre is to provide stabilization and support during the workout, not entirely unlike the way a ballerina utilizes it. The Pure Barre technique is amazing because it allows for the participation and inclusion of any woman, regardless of her shape, size or age. This is a workout that is definitely appropriate for anyone, despite what level they may be at during any given moment in time. It’s quite an experience to be in a room with a vast array of diverse women all enjoying the same workout, and this is only because Monica works with a staff of trainers who are experienced and highly equipped to give proper instruction, as well as provide necessary corrections, and it’s all on an individualized basis. Classes are typically 55 minutes long. The workout usually begins with a nice Pilates-based warm-up that’s designed to help strengthen and tone the upper body region. To see some real changes in your body, Monica recommends you take this class 3 to 4 times a week in order to witness some real results. After the warm-up, here’s what you can expect: variety! This is because, as Monica mentions, the choreography of the routines vary. This workout is quick, very time-efficient, and perfect for those who need to get in, get out, and keep their day moving after a great exercise routine. What’s more, there are also couples workouts available. Couples workouts have been proven to aid couples who wish to get out and stay active together as a unit. Learn more about this and other workout classes by checking out any of Monica’s four Pure Barre locations in Orange County: Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Irvine, and Huntington Beach.

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Photography: Pure Barre, JB Jakubek



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